Thursday, November 14, 2019
Hope, Change, Healing

Hope Global Leadership Institute

Hope Global Leadership Institute is the Leadership Development arm of Way of Hope Global Ministries. Our training program is called Catalyst. It is called catalyst because we enjoy drawing out the best in others, helping them to maximize their potentials and become what God wants them to be! An integral and very, very important part of our mission is to "... develop transformational leaders globally." The leadership of Way of Hope is relentlessly committed to leadership development through training and empowerment.


♦We will continue to be effortful in promoting the spiritual maturity of believers in God's Kingdom.

♦ We will work with men and women who are gifted and spiritually qualified for leadership in ministry so that churches and mission agencies will continue to be scriptural, functional, effective and expandable. 


Hope Global Leadership Institute provides accurate, complete, systematic, synthesized and above all, spirit-filled lessons that will certainly help you in your faith journey. If you want to maximize your leadership potentials, we will help you through training. We equip and empower leaders-in-the-making or leaders such as Volunteers, Group Leaders, Team Leaders, Lay Leaders, Pastoral Leaders, Church Planters, Executive Leaders, Presidents and Executive Directors/CEOs of Christian organizations, and so forth; through intensive instruction, practicum, internship, coaching, mentorship, and the like.


At Hope Global Leadership Institute, the instructors and trainers would be privileged to serve as change agents who act as catalysts for changing your latent leadership potentialities into fully developed leadership abilities. 


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