Thursday, November 14, 2019
Hope, Change, Healing

Youths of Hope

Youths of Hope is the Youth Ministry of Way of Hope Ministries. The goal of our youth ministry is to help youths discover the truth in a fun, lively, upbeat, relevant, authentic, inspiring, celebratory and participatory atmosphere!

We exist in order to communicate the Gospel of hope to a generation greatly challenged by the feelings of fear, uncertainty, doubts and hopelessness due to the volatile economy, broken homes, threat of the environment and so on. We are here to put feet on Christ's promise to help lift burdens (Matthew 11:28). Bringing redemption to a generation that is concerned about issues of freedom, survival, feeling neglected is central to our purpose of existence as a dynamic ministry. 

Youth empowerment and youth-adult mentorship relationships will be enhanced. Also, we hope to provide compassionate need-based ministry — targeting areas such as violence, homelessness, overcoming addiction, dealing with abuse and much more. No matter the hopes, fears and concerns of youths, they will find Way of Hope as a loving and accepting ministry where they will be inspired and challenged to lead lives of purpose.